Wired Energy Drink

Wired is a fictitious energy drink I conceived & designed as a part of my university degree. The concept for the drink came from the dictionary meaning of the name itself. Wired means to be feverishly excited, full of energy or high on stimulants. I wanted to play on this idea of being ‘wired’, having a high octane, high energy drink that produces such a feeling. I wanted a name that had substance behind it. Something the consumer could appreciate.

The design process for the drink and its accompanying packaging was a lot of fun. I opted for bold, electric, red colours on the can itself. The utilisation of the colour red also meant I could place emphasis on these three letters in the name of the drink itself. The idea was to create a design that whilst aesthetically appealing, represented the energy of the product itself. The final product is one that I believe could be marketed and distributed with great success to the wider public.